The Comscience of Mental Space-Time: Foundations
Online Course | Professor Sérgio Spritzer

Knowing how to deal with mental-space-time offers enormous possibilities to expand your personal, social and work life.

Knowing how you are positioned in relation to others and how others position you throughout space-time is like a "mental chess" in which you have a responsibility to "know how to move your piece on the board".

A more contemporary analogy is to become aware of your character in the "game" of personal and collective life.

It is what people need to learn in this new century, in order not to be left behind.

We offer basic, intermediate and advanced level certificates.


Each level has 6 modules lasting 1 month each.

In each module you will have:

2 hours per week of audiovisual material;

1 weekly online meeting with Professor Sérgio Spritzer;

Possibility of online workshops every 15 days, according to students' learning.

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