Neurologist (FFCMPA).


Postgraduate in Human Intelligence Development - Piaget (Institute of Psychology - UFRGS).

Master in Human Communication Disorders (PUC-SP).
Thesis: Towards a psychoanalytical approach to language disorders: of or in language?

Psychoanalytic Formation     (Founding Member of APPoA).


NeuroLinguistic Programming Trainer

(Bs.As. and advanced studies at UCLA, US-CA).

Conversational Hypnosis Seminars

(Milton Erickson Foundation).

PhD in Semiotics (incomplete) (PUC-SP).

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Master in Human Communication Disorders  (PUC-SP).  Thesis: Towards a psychoanalytic approach to language disorders: from or in language?

Psychoanalytic training   (Founding Member of APPoA).


Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer  (Bs.As. and advanced studies at UCLA, US-CA).

Conversational Hypnosis Seminars  (Milton Erickson Foundation).

PhD in Semiotics (incomplete) (PUC-SP).

Therapist, business consultant and

creator of Composite Thinking

Attends individual consultations, in groups, coordinates courses, workshops and workshops for people and organizations in search of excellence.

Physician (UFRGS), specializing in Clinical Neurology (FFCMPA), specializing in Intelligence Psychology (Instituto de Psicologia-UFRGS) and Master's Degree in Communication Disorders (PUC-SP). Has studies and research at the level of Doctorate in Communication and Semiotics (PUC-SP).

Clinical neurologist, studied and taught the discipline of Psycho-Neurology I and II in the undergraduate course in Psychology at UFRGS, he was also a technical reviewer for this line of work at Editora Artes Médicas. 

Founding member of the Psychoanalytic Association of Porto Alegre presenting for more than 10 years several courses and seminars on the theme of Psychoanalysis and Language. 

Master Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming and Relational Hypnosis (Argentina) with advanced courses at NLP University at UCLA, Santa Cruz (USA). Main speaker at the first Brazilian Congress of Neurolinguistic Programming, at Universidade São Camilo de SP.