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Composite Thinking

How to know what I, the other and the others have in mind?

"How do I think in the form of representations of experiences seen, heard and felt, as well as the ways in which others think?

If you imagine with quality the way I think and how others think, we can compose a unitary version of thinking that serves us, this will serve as an experiential model and, therefore, practicable for our reality."

Dr. Sérgio Spritzer

How it works?
We will have an online meeting per week lasting approximately 1 hour, to study and practice Composite Thinking, check out some benefits:


- Exclusive production material  with  content studies;

- The meetings  weekly will be  available on video for consultation;
-  An online service (individual)  monthly with Dr. Sérgio Spritzer.

-  At the end of the year, a Certificate of Facilitator in Composite Thinking will be made available for those who are regularly enrolled.

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