Human Communication is only really effective when it is composed inside and outside of you.

The Composite Thinking is a concept developed byDr. Sérgio Spritzer over a few decades, with a view to a practical model capable of dealing with the challenges present in the interactions between the person with himself, with others, composing personal, social relationships and work, systemically.

Project presentation

work at Clínica do Imaginário

The GPS that we have in mind


1. Human life can be represented as a composition of personal, interpersonal and group realities.

2. Their reality consists of seeing modes, hear and feel mentally, in the form of space / time.

3. Each of us needs to know our place and the place of others, together.

4. The composition of meanings between my reality, yours and that of others, results in our reality.

5. We are able to "travel" in space / time learning to compose our own realities, of ourselves with that of others, constituting a larger and more inclusive reality.

6 . Effective communication practices based on the method offer our customers much more integrated and faster changes.

The explanation that follows refers to the figure below:


Space Dimensions: In space you can perceive yourself and the other in a way associated with yourself (1) and associated with the other (2). In third position, he perceives himself and the other (3). In fourth position, he perceives the relationship between you in space-time (4).

Time Dimensions: You can perceive yourself and others from the past, present and future, through time from outside in different positions as shown in the figure above. Notice how positions 4 of the past, present and future reproduce 1, 2 and 3 of each space.