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A Text to a With-Text

© Sérgio Spritzer, 2021

The reader imaginatively rewrites for himself what he reads. Shyly, through annotations, reflections and drawings inspired by the text and often marked on its pages.

An original can originate a network of writings and readings, which in fact happens and is registered in traditional libraries as different disciplines.

What they still do not contemplate is the re-creation of the originals by those who read them. How many interesting works could be in this library since fertile and inspiring readings of these classics?

How much news could readers not only complement but even inspire to redefine what has already been written? So...

The present text intends to be the basis for a project of constitution of a With Text. What is it?

A With-Text can be defined succinctly as a text of interactive with-versas between those who elect and those who write.

Limited spaces for better interaction.

Choose the best date for you: October 5th and 6th at 7:30 pm.

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