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After all, are we or aren't we inside bubbles?

©Sérgio Spritzer, 2021 Many of us complain that we are living in relationship bubbles.

How could it be otherwise? We are territorial animals.

Let's look at our atmosphere, for example, it's a huge bubble bursting every now and then by projectiles that we send into space. We have already burst this cosmic bubble and sent people to the moon and soon to Mars.

Our ground limits us below and every now and then we drill for oil and place artifacts in the deepest and “unnatural” areas of our existence on this planet.

If we are so bold at puncturing the bubbles of physical reality, on the other hand, we are very good at creating social and community bubbles.

Even more so in creating personal and group bubbles. But we are fully aware that we are inside the bubbles we create. We invent gods that account for this transcendence.

As scientists we learn to ignore the unknown and examine it systematically until it becomes knowable, of course, in our human way. We limit ourselves to examining reality according to our way of examining it.

The way we learn reality is a direct function of the way we can examine it through our senses and according to our properly human competence to think. "


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