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Do the facts speak for themselves?

Sergio Spritzer © janeiro.2022

_”The numbers speak for themselves”; just look at the numbers and plotting the graph, says a group of people in front of a complex of computer screens that show a bunch of graphs of different colors and lines. One of them asks absently: what do they say?

_Now, they show the pattern of what is happening.

_ Do they imagine such a pattern and tell us?

_(Laughter) Of course not; do you think we are imbeciles? Numbers do not think, imagine, feel or speak.

_ People imagining that numbers speak and imagine is important to capture the meaning of their combinatorics. But deep down, behind them, there are people thinking and imagining.

_And if they have the opportunity, speaking, why not? We all agree on that. It is important to discover who is talking behind the numbers.

They are probably groups of people with their dreams, expectations, plans, projects and behaviors. "


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