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Head in the Clouds.

© Sérgio Spritzer, 2021

Look at an elephant cloud! Says the adult. The child takes a few seconds to look and it's gone...

The imagination of the person who looks at the cloud and sees forms evaporating and emerging in a matter of seconds serves as an analogy for the new forms of organization that the contemporary imagination will call “clouds”: data networks seem to create life and become transform into networks of relationships.

You have your head in the clouds, it means that you are imagining things without setting a limit to play this imaginary game.

Then, a cloud of images will be generated that can literally cloud what you set out to imagine in a form composed of events.

A code cloud is not a network of events. This is clearly demonstrated when using the analysis of interaction networks between people in an organization.

What you get is a graphical representation of a network of points more or less generated by an application.

What does that mean, what is the meaning of these interactions not embedded in this graph?

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