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How do people decide goals, objectives and ways to act to achieve them?

Sérgio Spritzer, © julho 2022

Important studies show how the construction of goals, the examination of them, and the making of well-founded decisions often happen informally, outside the scene of a traditional meeting.

The presentation and discussion of the merits format of a proposal do not examine how it was conceived. A presentation followed by questions and answers, as in a lecture or an interview, does not provide an adequate relational environment for the creation and examination of ideas between people.

How can you tell if someone is honest with their ideas and respects others?

Examining the proposals for the practice of dialogues in organizations, we observe the need to presuppose reciprocal trust, goodwill and honesty, and many other well-formed beliefs and values. This is very difficult to validate practically. But there is a way to deal with this issue.

It seems to us a more practical way to examine what people imagine when they express themselves and when they form impressions of each other.

However, this implies relying on the description of what the parties imagine as phenomena seen, heard, and felt, expressed as indicated by forms of verbal behavior, patterns of mimic expressions of eye movement, postures, and gestures.


The Roda de Conversa Project intends to offer an online environment in which people can examine what they think about different topics such as life projects, work, and perception of themselves and others in a context of common interest.

Talking is not presenting ideas, but exchanging ways of thinking about them.

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