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How people can relate in a much smarter way!

© Sérgio Spritzer, agosto de 2022 Even when a team antagonizes during competitions, it is implied that they need to organize themselves and respect rules, postures, values ​​, and attitudes to compete.

In this sense, competition is quite different from a fratricidal war. On the contrary, respect for the opponent and the rules of the game do, in fact, not by rhetoric, that opponents on the field serve as inspiration to each other to think together and in increasingly effective, efficient and efficient ways, instead of eliminating each other mutually as in primitive wars.

Considering the imagination as a game of expectations, I have one for me, one for you, and one for us. And we have expectations of someone other than ourselves.

The human relationship is a field of com-science. A team thinks of the collective. An individual is after all a collection of organs and tissues. One mind is a composition of ideas and thoughts.

From the science of being about each other in an increasingly involved and challenging relational plot. In a game, whoever knows best how to decipher this plot wins over those who don't. And in a cooperative game, teams win when they know how to interact in a composite way and not just an antagonistic.

Whoever thinks better, leads a team and wins a game if it is the case of an antagonism game.

Thinking better implies better mapping what is going on and having the physical, technical, and collective sense conditions to act by defining problems and reaching solutions most efficiently.



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