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Introduction to Compound Thinking

© Sérgio Spritzer, 2021

Compound Thought is Compound Life.

The body is our biggest reference in the world. What is inside and outside, behind, in front, beside, above and below, in the three dimensions in relation to an imaginary axis, helps us to position ourselves in life.

In the salon, the body indicates the position of someone in relation to other people in the same environment, through attitudes, postures, gestures, mime, looks beyond the ways of speaking.

The floor, walls and ceiling are no limits to the imagination. Not the physical body. When people in the hall and on the screen express themselves by saying phrases such as: “my horizon is...”, “looking at three I realize”, “whoever is on my side knows...”, the guy thinks he is “above from me, but not...", this cyclan attitude

deeply marked" etc. indicate how the body reference unites and separates

people and is fundamental to compose a unity of meaning between the


When we are in a group, the places of the bodies are involved in a network,

even if we are in virtual modes. In my practices in a salon

people are located in relation to each other forming a network

lives of interactions that serves as a guide for so many other people who

accompany the work online.

Even living in online networks, our “base” continues to be physically situated in person. as in the plot of the film “Matrix”, without the

physical and living basis nothing happens to us. She is the biggest reference.

Those who cannot imagine their position in a flexible and relativized way

in the intricate space-time network of virtual relationships will become deeply

disoriented. It is time to review our personal and collective identities.

The following text introduces the Compound Thinking method. He intends

serve as a guide for people to expand their ability to alternate their

mental positions and perceive themselves to be involved in reality greater than that of

your traditional isolated self.

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