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Is it possible for us to think together?

At this moment, hundreds of vaccines manufactured by different conglomerates of scientists, pharmaceutical groups and investors compete and compete with each other when the same effort could be composed much more efficiently, effectively and effectively, make more profit in a more distributed way and be accessible to all. That's if people organized themselves as a really collective imaginary.

One of the best examples of this lack of collective intelligence is the gulf between scientists' research showing statistically the high probability of having a viral pandemic for more than 15 years, offering details of how it would happen, how it could be spread and what would be the critical period and the real effects of this on the life of countries.

Not even the emphatic speeches of the then US president, Barak Obama and the brilliant speech of one of the most influential men in the world, Bill Gates produced any repercussion in the collective imagination. Now it looks amazing. But if you examine the imagination of the listener, most people just didn't stop to think about it. They were busy doing things that were ultimately severely impacted by the scientists' future projections.

There is no way to form a coherent collective imaginary, whether from a formal point of view, whether it is true or false, if people's expectations are not mobilized to compose it. History shows, however, how the formation of distorted and manipulated imaginaries by the marketing of many autocratic leaders mobilizing people to believe in things without the slightest consistency and coherence with reality is a very frequent chance in relation to the co-active and composite modality .

Whatever the collective imagination, in daily life we ​​spend much more time in task mode and less time in reflective and relationship modes. This means that, absorbed by doings, which are often meaningless, they didn't stop to talk about the. That really matters. And without composing our imaginaries, there is no way to make decisions between them. By not taking our responsibility and delegating to an omnipotent leader, we deny our own personal power, in family, groups and teams.

It's no wonder that isolated politicians in their power islands just like us in our consumer islands do distorted things like defending their interests and not ours. They are the mirror of us.


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