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Nobody says directly what they think.

© Sérgio Spritzer 2022 You need to use an analogy: something that can be physically seen, heard, done and felt in order to “extract” and “capture” the idea.

It is an abstraction, the evoked mental representation. We do think by analogies and not abstractly.

If each person imagines, makes a sensorially evident representation of what they think of themselves and/or others, then we have a phenomenology of the imaginary to be examined and composed between them.

The basic question is how to know what I, the other and the others have in mind, if we are able to constitute a unit composed of representations of what interests us, we move on. If not, we become executors of a command of which we have no idea and are not able to take positions in relation to it as interacting beings.

Having no idea what one wants, does, what the other understands and does is a serious problem for most human relationships in any field of life.


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