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Our everyday conspiracy theories.

On one occasion, a man in a hurry looked at his car door and saw that there was a puncture, supposedly caused by someone nasty who took a nail or the point of a knife and twisted it vigorously.

The next day, he took the car for washing. There was no hole. It was just pigeon poop.

1. The human mind is by nature creative: it invents what it perceives and makes sense of it according to the expectation of someone, person or group, based on past experiences.

2. Life in groups, in society, needs us to create realities together so that we can live together in shared spaces and times. These realities are constructed and not given by “mother nature”. Once built, they are worth as if they were natural.

3. The mind tests the difference between the desirable, the expected and the perceived to produce what the subject considers “true”, “correct”, “fair”, “good” and so on, guiding decision-making.

4. We trust what they say or write to us without going into the merits of how this conclusion was reached. We are simply not thinking critically and reflectively. Think about it!

5. Try to examine the sources of information that come to you and how those sources were gathered. You will find a diversity of "news": what is true or false?


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