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Planning is an improvisation. Reality is unpredictable.

©Sérgio Spritzer, 2021

Every form of planning is necessarily an improvisation. It cannot generate a reality.

Simple and creative mindsets like that of a soccer genius, Garrincha, were already aware of the power of contingency, of the context in the formation of reality. Feola, coach of the Brazilian soccer team at the time, was training a play for a cup final against the Russian team. Garrincha left the field mocking: O professor, did you tell the Russians to let us make this move? It's no use just agreeing between us here....

In fact, any form of planning and training does not work without understanding the context external to the reality under examination. Garrincha, although not an example of athletic discipline and ease, was considered a soccer genius, for creating unexpected plays by the opponent, which paralyzed them on the field. They were impossible to imagine in advance.

The move appeared in the context of the game. They were not (and are not) planable and replicable in pre-established training. They appear as innovation within a situation that seemed impossible.

In human history, the discoveries that transformed our way of life were not conceived through training and planning.

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