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Practicing with Yourself.

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

©Sergio Spritzer, 2021

People often come to me with complaints that they don't have time to take care of themselves. This is very strange. They await a magical occasion, scheduled to pamper themselves.

If so it won't work. whatever you are doing, you are there and in this moment of being in the here and now you have every chance to connect with yourself deeply.

For example, examine the thought: When I'm done with the dishes, I'll have time to rest and take care of myself. How about resting and taking care of yourself while you do the dishes?

Just change your mental assumptions and focus on yourself deeply as you wash the dishes and not focus deeply on it or even avoid parasitic thoughts like: "I hate washing dishes, that sucks!"

Simply concentrate on feeling yourself as you wash the dishes without waiting for any ideal moment and any guide or lifesaving exercise. Notice how you keep washing the dishes or doing another simple, repetitive activity while feeling deeply good.

And feeling deeply good is being connected with yourself for whatever comes and goes. If it's bad and it turns on you, it'll get better. If it's okay, it will get even better. Feeling deeply connected to yourself is in itself positive for your life.

© Sergio Spritzer, 2021

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