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Technology is not a Boggart.

Learn how to deal with your personal and collective Imaginary, before the animal (the "Artificial Intelligence") catches...

With a quantity and quality of information literally impossible to be imagined, we have “outsourced” to logarithms, mathematical tools mediated by high information processing technology, the function of offering data that would be “the” reality that we perceive or should perceive.

It is a trick of our own imagination to falsely believe that his work is an “artificial intelligence”. It's like Michelangelo asking the statue of David to speak and believing it will actually respond.

The problem that appears in the -confused- definition of artificial intelligence is that the information provided by the mathematical language needs to be decoded by our senses and contextualized to the context of the interaction in which we are involved in order to make sense. This implies human experience. Without it, formulas are worthless.

“Making sense” is the result of a psychobiological process of imagining the interactional experience “working”, that is, meeting our expectations. It is the result of an imaginary encounter between the evoked and the perceived."

Learn from the spaces that exist in you: inside yourself and in the relationship that your "Si" maintains with the "Sis" of others...

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