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The Birth of the Imaginary

It is still being studied how and how much the interaction of people with surfaces through their fingerprints offers a help or obstructs our ambition to interact, create and relate to the world and the world of others. What appears is a world made to be seen, programmed to be absorbed and consumed as such.

The challenge that is presented there, which is new in human history, is to know the different imaginaries that are produced in order to discern where they come from, what they are made of and where they lead us.

Not just to take advantage of a placebo effect. It is beyond that, to know how imaginary phenomenology is formed, deformed and reformed. How it defines itself, resolves and dissolves, giving rise to new imaginaries that interest us.

Without discerning the language of the imagination, its dynamics, and as we are directly and indirectly involved in them, we confuse its dimensions as speaking of a mind within a brain and an energy within matter or a genetic charge within a chromosome. They are distinct and implied imaginary operations.

The challenge to survive in a digital and post-digital environment is to know how these imaginaries are generated and how to deal with them, redefine them and generate better ones.

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