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The Challenge of Reflective Thinking in the 21st Century

Do you imagine what you imagine?

Most people think that the challenge of living in a high-tech society is to “master” the greatest amount of “information”, to apprehend content. If you think like that, you will end up in a crisis and you will be stuck, because what we are not lacking are contents, but ways of thinking. Every information you access is implied in it, a way of thinking. So it's possible for digital influencers to make up your mind and direct your way of thinking.

So will we be “dominated” by technology? This is also a way of thinking. It implies an imaginary of technology, an imaginary of domination and another imaginary of yourself, of who you think you are. Depending on how you imagine yourself, imagine the technology, imagine what you think and do, it may or may not be. Need to know the context.

That's why you need to learn to think reflexively.

Do you know how to learn?

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