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O Essencial:

Sergio Spritzer © May 5, 2021.

The text deals with the essentials that are more extensively covered in other books. It reminds the reader of the presuppositions of our approach and gives tips on how to attend to this clinic, which has its peculiarities.

1. We don't have direct access to reality; neither to the objective nor to the subjective. That's why we need to imagine.

2. Language is an operator of the ways we imagine reality and not the origin or destiny of reality.

3. Every imagined reality is "vivified", animated by a meaning for us: The famous "why" of the search for some intention in everything that happens in the world, which we have been looking for since children and is misinterpreted by adults as being that of an explanation rational1 . Without such excitement, not even the man with the chipped stone would invent the spear, nor would an engineer produce the building.

4. Perceiving “nature” (objectified reality) is what allows us to sustain the experience of being alive and existing. People feel grateful and fascinated about "nature" and about what they get "from her", whether it's a stone to make a spear, the grace of catching a fish or slaughtering an animal, or the grace of a new discovery scientific, either by the meal of each day, by perceiving it as endowed with a meaning of life, for our life. The nature, whatever it is, is a creation of our imagination in which we trust for its wisdom and coherence....

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