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The future is predictable when we repeat the same dysfunctional patterns.

Text written by Dr. Sérgio Spritzer 5 years ago (2016).

Overly organized or messy demonstrations are not good signs of coherence in human networks. We are looking at collective relational patterns.

Taking sides is not establishing positions. On the contrary: It is playing the game of antagonism. This is precisely the "ball out" of the moment.

A symptom of the lack of an authentic national project shared by consensus.

The rest are background discussions of how to move a state project forward (not party and a or b ideology).

You realize how we get lost discussing what really matters. Keep the FOCUS ON WHAT MATTERS.

Don't expect solutions from people or associations. take initiative as a human being, a person.

Get organized with your likes and dislikes and think big. This is not a football league. It's our live. Are you on?

Look at the big plan. Not to snitty.

It doesn't matter if Dilma falls or Temer stays. This is a smokescreen. That's nitpicky. Political football.

I am a citizen of the country. Not a fan of political football. I filled the bag to stay out.

What matters is how you and I can do to have a project of the state and not of people or parties.

Not "your" party against the other, "your" association against the other.

Think for yourself and act on your own. Me of mine and we, spontaneously of ours. No pressure. No mass media.

See what happens when you meet others who are also thinking on their own and personal responsibility.

Respect the different and dialogue with them creating a project of common interest. If that's not what really matters. This is creating a network of adult interests, this is citizenship in a de facto democracy.

Enough of playing with the fate of the state and playing good guy and bad guy with politics. That's a bad sign. Immature. Childish and irresponsible.

Citizenship is responsibility.

Think about it


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