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The mind creates objective and subjective realities and relates them.

Mind is a subjective reality and brain an objective reality, some would say.

Objectively speaking, you don't perceive the mind inside the brain. I think it is still an illusion to share the perception of realities by putting each one in a box. Subjective and objective phenomenology do not and should not occupy dissociated fields.

One is not within the other, just as the movement of a body is not within the body, the biochemical activity of the molecule is not within the physical molecule, the infection is not within the virus or within the cell, nor is synaptic transmission embedded within. neurons or in the molecules released in the space between them. As a “side effect” of imagining an essentially objectifiable universe, we lose the sense of what subjective reality is.

The mind is an instance that creates both and relates them. When trying to embed the subjective phenomenon within the objective or vice versa, what is lost is precisely the mental capacity to operate by composing realities. When trying to embed, for example, the mind in the brain what is lost is the real meaning of both.


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