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The Oscillating Nature of Thought.

Dr. Sergio Spritzer May 2020.

The Present is the exact difference between what I have just lived and what I hope to live next.

The nature of thought is essentially oscillating, undulatory, mobilizing both a fixed (materialized) imagery and an imagery as waves of possibilities, thus appearing with the matter/energy quality that physicists capture from the nature of light.

We often have representations of people defined in the past and when they appear in the present or when we re-present them in future scenarios, without examining the ways in which this person is in the present and will position themselves further ahead in the future, we commit the misunderstanding of treating a remembered reality - of the past - by another that is constructed to be a future possibility. The way our thinking operates with past imagination - memory - is different from the way it operates with the creation of new realities (new ways of imagining). When we work as forward-looking memories we need to test them and see what happens.

Often people simply transpose memories (true or false) to a future that does not yet exist and get into confusion.

Offer more and more flexibility to past memories, re-examine their validity and make the present context available as a kind of essay to know how to act towards the future, in the short, medium and long term. Thus he felt in flux over time and oscillating in space-time, which corresponds to an experience of "vibration".

The more we vibrate psychologically, the more mobility our thoughts have in relation to our entire existence. This is not a physical phenomenon, as is the case with the nature of light (particle/wave), but rather a deeply subjective experience (intra and inter-subjective), accessible only through introspection.

Just as the nature of light is matter and energy, oscillating between particle and wave form, the nature of thought oscillates between stable forms, such as representations of the past - memories - and unstable forms, mere possibilities of happening- how are the representations of the future.

That is why we advise our clients, whether individuals or groups of people, to perform a psychological movement that resembles a ribbon folded over itself, as in the figure that symbolizes infinity - the moebius ribbon - oscillatingly running, the present, the past the future, going back and forth until all spacetimes are composed as coherently as possible.

Possibly in the daily lives of reflective people, this oscillating movement between past present and future happens subconsciously or even unconsciously with respect to their own subjective position as well as in relation to the subjective position of others and the relationship of oneself with others.


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