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The Past Teaches Us to Understand. The present is life and the future is a project.

Sérgio Spritzer ©

The world is changing all the time and if you dedicate yourself to feeling good always the same way, it will become obsolete. If you keep the result of a change forever, how will you keep changing?

Changing is not a choice, it is an internal need that comes with the beginning of mental functioning; so much so that, if there are no significant changes in life, stagnation ensues and, with it, suffering.

On another occasion, a person said in a group how he couldn't feel well. Everything he did went wrong. So I asked her, “Are you feeling as well as you would like?” “No, of course not,” she replied. “Do you want to feel good?” I asked, to which she replied: “Good. I want to, but I'm not feeling well." So I said, “The question is not whether or not you are feeling well. It's about wanting to feel good or not wanting to.

I want to know how you want to feel, right now and from now on. Can you take a few minutes to meditate on this? Just don't do it if you're sure you don't want to feel good."

The client then concentrated on wanting to feel good by temporarily suspending her complaints about how she couldn't feel good. I helped her focus specifically and intensely on wanting to feel good, however, she is feeling right now. In a short time, he realized how the desire to feel good did not need the mediation of other people.

It was something intimate and only she could have access. You wouldn't have to do anything special or hear anything special to want to feel good. This comes before any form of imaginary internal or external leverage. Just want. And wanting, then, to examine what it was like to do something that interested you, challenged you, or even banal. She smiles and comments on how what was going through her imagination, no matter how banal it was, seemed different because she felt like wanting to see, hear or feel it.

Wanting to feel good by seeing, hearing, or feeling changed everything.


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