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The world of ideas is no longer "platonic", it is now real.

© Sérgio Spritzer, agosto 2022.

We think in real time and machines do it. Sophisticated machines perform the function of commanding and controlling other machines.

Human organizations must become thinking organizations, or they will disappear. Employer and job, work, are terms that won't say much in a few decades.

Relations of production of something physical will give way to the production of experiences, and mentally recognizable values, as the idea of ​​a society of consumption of goods is on the verge of exhaustion.

Doing more mentally with less physical will be the motto of life management and forms of economic relationships.

Play more in virtual teams and the idea of ​​a freelancer will be replaced by virtual teams that are composed and decomposed on demand and for a while but follow common values ​​and ideas.

A traditional observer will be confused to get a tangible idea of ​​how this happens, unless he remembers how teams set and unset in different seconds plays on the field, remaining as a team, even when a player is substituted. the idea of ​​a unitary composition gains greater relevance.


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