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We are systems immersed in systems and we don't realize it.

Sérgio Spritzer, © julho 2022

In a Canadian animated film, a boy rowed his boat across the calm waters of a lake.

The camera progressively approached him (zoomed in) and focused on his arm and we saw a mosquito biting his arm, and inside the mosquito's beak, the blood being aspirated and inside the blood red blood cells (erythrocytes) and them, the hemoglobin with iron and within the iron molecule, atoms and within the atoms the brilliant energy of the electrons swirling around the nucleus... and in the nucleus.... varied particles of energy and plunging deeper into each one. ...a vague haze of.... nothing.

Then the camera started a movement in the opposite direction (zoom out) leaving quickly outside and resuming the vision of the particles, electrons, atoms, molecules, blood, the mosquito beak, the boy's arm, the boat on the lake, and moving further and further away fast, the boy like a dot in the lake, the north of Canada, the world, the earth, the moon revolving around it, the solar system revolving around the sun, the galaxy within which the solar system is, the galaxies and anyway... a haze of.... nothing.

The camera then quickly returned to the shot of the boy paddling on the lake and “released” the film with him paddling smoothly, following his course.


We are systems immersed in systems and we don't realize it.


The Roda de Conversa Project intends to offer an online environment in which people can examine what they think about different topics such as live projects, work, and perception of themselves and others in a context of common interest.

Talking is not presenting ideas, but exchanging ways of thinking about them.

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