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What is yours: Follow or Accompany?

Sergio Spritzer ©2022

Do you know the difference between following and following, people and ideas?

A person who simply follows another does not think for himself; does not lead your way of thinking.

The one who accompanies, in her view, thinks along with others, being able to compose new ways of thinking.

Simply following someone is ideological. Following the ideas, attitudes and postures of others is not.

To follow along instead of just following, you'll need to define your own idea to compose with the other.

Minds that accompany each other constitute couples and couples become families and families that accompany each other constitute communities.

Communities that accompany each other constitute towns and cities. In them, people who accompany each other constitute forms of coexistence and work. The ways to accompany each other and constitute new forms of life do not always happen. At some point, one of the parties stops thinking and starts to follow, by inertia, the others.

If this catches on and spreads, it sets up a form of relationship of many not thinking for themselves and submitted to a few who supposedly would think for their own good. They can be parents, teachers, autocratic politicians who think for their children, students, voters and not with them.

Pay attention to how you interact with your thoughts and the thoughts of others.

Do you follow ideas that spring from your mind or do you talk to them?

Do you follow what the elders say or talk to them?

He sees how people who are competent in Dialogue do not need to fight.

This is lacking in our country and the world.

Shall we change it?

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