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What skills make a team a winner?

© Sérgio Spritzer, agosto 2022.

The literature mentions many more cases of successful individuals than successful teams and organizations. Or they attribute the success of the organization to an individual.

As competent as he may be, the individual needs to be on a team or promote the composition of one in which he stands out, to act and be recognized.

Personal intelligence only works by inspiring and involving itself in collective intelligence.

It is rare for the same player to leave with the ball dribbling everyone and scoring a goal without the participation of others.

The player of a team, no matter how brilliant he is, cannot play alone and many times, his team wins precisely because the opponents spend most of their energy trying to neutralize the plays of the team's star while the rest of the players are left free. to create moves very easily.

The star does not score goals, but indirectly it is decisive for the team to succeed, in this case.......

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