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It doesn't matter just how your NEUROLOGY affects you, but also how YOU affect it. This is Psiconeurology.


There is an immense amount of research, research and important technological advances showing how our physical and brain physical reality affects our lives. We learn and we will continue to learn how physical reality can offer us more health and well-being.


But this is only one dimension of reality. The way we act in the world can both generate more health, as well as alter our health and that of others, as is the case with the excessive use of pesticides and the excessive emission of pollutants. When we develop the power to build atomic bombs and other equipment capable of destroying our existence and that of others, we need to put knowledge of how we think, feel and imagine in the first place.


We are not passive to physical reality. On the contrary, we are responsible for what we do, imagine and feel about ourselves and others. This realization of yourself and others is relatively old and needs to continue ... or we will stop.


"Know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods." - Socrates

Fundamentals for a Psiconeurology

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