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Interacting Through Screens

Sergio Spritzer 2021. June 1st.

Once upon a time the earth was flat and human thought too. Before being flat, the earth was linear and human thought, the same way: like that of nomadic wanderers, we only left traces because we didn't have time to stop and think.

When the first tribes settled, people began to interact and interacting, creating the first clues of what would come to be a community life: the cave paintings.

Drawings of people and animals fixed in caves and surrounding rocks, indicating that there existed not only one person, but a set of them, interacting with each other and with the world beyond them, hunting or contemplating the world. The hands painted with red pigments indicated: here I am, who draws this. A first movement of reflection.

Where is the group's me and we? It is a mystery even today in full technological change. Even using speech and writing that are produced in a linear way, the speaker and the writer evoke mental representations in various mental spaces/times of themselves, of other things and of relationships between these existing ones, transforms this relationship into stories, narratives, uses logical analytical thinking to examine how they occur.

By using flat surfaces, he learned to draw other dimensions and project them there, on that plane and on the limits of a certain space, and set aside a certain time to examine this reality. thus came the sketches, the spreadsheets; mathematics and geometry gained prominence and in the last centuries of civilization came the scientific method using a process of systematic observation, that is, delimiting what is observed and repeating the observation, which is experimentation, using mathematics, calculating what is repeats interestingly and then draw conclusions. They are supported by mathematical abstractions.

However, raising the power of the method to hyper-complex realities with high technology, with a quantity and quality of information literally impossible to be imagined, our civilization has delegated to the applications that we create the function of offering data that would be “the ” reality that we perceive or that we should perceive....

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