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Success is changing together

A single swallow does not make a summer. (*popular saying)

Even if someone changes individually for the better, it will not have a lasting effect on environments that are collectively resistant to welcoming and amplifying that change.

The individualistic culture makes people believe that they make decisions in isolation, not together. Whether it works out right or wrong would be the cause and consequence of linear decisions taken individually.

The relational universe has past, present and future and is woven into a relational network to which each one belongs, willingly or not. In it, we have, then yes, freedom to decide in a responsible way when we take a position knowing what is our situation in the here and now taking into account the here and now of others with whom we are in relationships. For example the question: what is the importance of my decision making at this moment in relation to all the moments of my entire life? And my whole life with others?

What we want individually, at a given moment, is subordinate and ordered to what we want together. Contrary to the belief in success based on individual effort surpassing that of others and winning a kind of dispute to see who is the best ("meritocracy" of some at the expense of the supposed lack of meritocracy of others), it is the synergy of skills that success is born.

We are not fragments struggling to win, but elements of an intelligent whole far greater than each of us.


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