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Success is making it happen together

In any experience of life there are fields of interest. One field is what matters only to you, another field is what matters only to the other, and a third field is what matters to both of you in relation to a third person or group of them. Not everything matters to everyone. The challenge is to understand the borders, boundaries and territories in common between different interests when relating to others.

The densest zone between the spheres represents the composition between the experience of the self and that of the other, constituting the common experience.

Common sense is smarter than individual sense. As clever as your idea is, it cannot be self-evident unless you practice it and both you and others realize how interesting it is. The more people who practice your idea and notice interesting effects, the more “real” it becomes. What's in common between the different results and effects of using your idea is no longer your idea, but its composition with that of others. Your experience with others.

Possibly made in this composite way, the result is much smarter than your initial idea, as it offers many more possibilities than you alone would be able to imagine.

Maybe you feel like others have been stealing your idea. This impression is common in the individualistic society in which we live. In it, authorship and responsibility are always individual. There is always a person in charge and the idea of ​​collective responsibility is very vague.

It is not difficult to see how collectively composed intelligence yields much more with much less than the sum of individual intelligences controlled by a superior intelligence.

Offer your idea to the appreciation of other people thinking in the same direction and it will almost inevitably be that they will compose for the better and further leverage what you are intending to develop. You're sure to find people wanting to copy your ideas and use them for self-promotion, or others wanting you not to come up with them but them with their ideas.

A climate of high interactivity and mutual trust is new and innovative.

Without it, we are like in the metaphor of the bucket full of crabs: when one wants to go outside, the other one comes and pulls it inside. No one enters and no one leaves. The relational system closes in on itself and nobody gains anything from it. On the contrary, everyone ends up self-destructing.


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