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The Game of Expectations

Sérgio Spritzer, © julho 20222

The game of expectations is inherent to the human and people's relationship with things. For this game of expectations to exist, the existence of a map constructed by the mind is a necessary condition, from which someone can imagine reality and offer expectations.

The map is merely utilitarian, it serves to act in an unknown territory, but when we do that, it is valid and has real effects even though it is a map.

Maps have always had real value in guiding navigators. Just as the maps of the 1500s allowed the discovery of the new world, Waze allows our cars to circulate in places we don't know beforehand, we need to trust the mental maps we make of the relationships we maintain. Or they fall apart.

If I decide to act considering a certain scenario, this is a gamble and the effects will be real.

I need to think carefully about how I map reality and how my relationship with others is because they also map his.

Even if I don't know what they have in mind, I need a hypothesis about it.

The so famous self-knowledge is not enough. It is necessary to know oneself about others and things.

Otherwise, such self-knowledge is empty, abstract, a self-centered way of thinking, and therefore irrelevant to act in human reality whose essence is the relationship.

There is a relational board in which the "I" occupies a protagonist position because I have direct access to it. But this I, as well as the I of others, are always maps of realities derived from imagination, mine.

If I examine how I think about myself, this is a mental representation of the reality that is happening to me.

If you examine how I think of you, it will be a representation of how I represent you to myself.

A derivation of this mapping that I make of you is the hypothesis of what you think about yourself.

This meta-map, a map that I make of your way of thinking through mine, will certainly not be yours, but how I orient myself to think about you.

If such a meta-map is coherent for me and me, it will serve us. If it's just coherent to me, we'll have problems relating to each other and we'll need a good conversation, to settle the points...


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