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The mind, the imagination and the brain. Thinking about.

Sérgio Spritzer, junho 2022 ©

Is the mind inside the brain? Are we in it?

Do machines have intelligence? Is such intelligence within her?

Thinking is about an imagined phenomenon.

A person thinks about moving and the body moves just like a programmer thinks about programming software and it happens. And such a program can activate a member of a person's imaginary body without the need for physical movement.

For example, the experiment of moving with the “force of mind/thought” at the foot of a paraplegic subject when he imagines he is kicking a ball. The physical and mental experiences are analogous: the person imagines and feels what he executes, using technology, in this case. This indicates that the representation of the body is not a physical phenomenon and can activate both our biology directly and indirectly, through the use of an “intelligent” prosthesis.

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